I deeply enjoy the act and art of collaborating with people who share similar beliefs about the ultimate goals for the piece, but have sometimes drastically different methodology or tactics. The experience of molding the piece with designers who attend to the work in its many facets is thrilling to me. How might film unpack the story in a vital way? How can the text be driven to new meaning? How do color, sound, objects, spatial sculptures allow us to enter the narrative in an unforeseeable way? Having artists who challenge, interrupt, and inspire me is my favorite way to make art, out of the vacuum of solitude and into the air of the greater community.




Making Bkjkt

Making Bkjkt is a coming of age story within a dystopian society, years after a megalomaniacal dictator took over the country. Born before the recent election, the inspiration was to play out our worst fears to their horrific end result. Now that we find ourselves watching the dismantling of democracy, the show has taken on exponentially higher stakes. We follow a girl, Bookjacket, who inexplicably has not accepted the status quo and refuses to accept fear as her great motivator. We watch, through her eyes, a society that has given up empathy, resistance, or personal desire, as she fights her way through the forces that oppress them. Is there a happy ending? Does she dismantle the systems that bind them? Can she awaken her neighbors to the truth that has been withheld from them their whole life? A work in process, created through the Musical Theatre Development Lab at 92Y, this piece lives at the intersection of Concert Dance and Musical Theatre, probing dance for narrative and infusing storytelling at every moment.

Creators: Megan Doyle, Courtney Self, Stephen Cyr


Shakespeare project

How do we combine forms without sacrificing the depth of skill on either end of the material? Meaning: can we use actors and dancers in such a way that there is a seamless interface of movement and text for the audience, but we are able to engage performers of extreme virtuosity in each craft? A lot of hybrid dance/theatre work seems to be peopled with artists who can do both, but with modest rigor in either form. Alternately, much work where actors ACT and dancers DANCE has such a separation that the work becomes disembodied. I am interested in melding the movement and text, meaning and relationship to such a degree that the audience becomes spellbound by the fluidity of the forms. This melding is on the part of the CREATOR, rather than the performers, so finding the fusion through composition, layering, folding and negotiating language of body and voice to make a unique form of moving theatre.

Creators: Megan Doyle & Courtney Self