I am a storyteller. I have chosen Choreography because I believe that the body is often our most immediate vehicle for communication. Within the field of Choreography, I have chosen Musical Theatre as my container for storytelling. I want to break through the boundaries around the genre, including limitations for women and definitions of what vocabulary is “appropriate” to MT. I use my own sense of duality (experience in both concert dance and MT) and my belief in the prolific possibilities for women, to help me navigate this terrain. I want to invite the artistic mindset, so crucial in the origins of MT, back into the room. I am committed to enervating the experience of empathy in both myself and others.  I have found that theater has the potential to enliven our ability to understand one another and create visceral connections. I charge myself with the task of creating change both within the arts, and hopefully in the larger world. I use art to find both the intersectionality and friction between the world I envision and the reality I experience. I am committed to generating movement that calls upon both the rich vocabulary of dance, as well as our innate somatic experience as humans. As someone who thrives in a learning environment, I am at my best when collaborating with other artists in multiple disciplines to challenge and subvert one another. I am moved to find the parallels and dissonance between different human stories. I aim to create accessible, inviting work that inspires, confronts, and engages people across demographics like race, age, gender, and experience. I want my art to be a platform for developing compassion, sparking curiosity, and bringing joyful context to stories that are meaningful.