Musical Theatre Development Lab at 92nd Street Y

Megan is passionate about forging paths, making opportunities, and offering space and support for female artists to produce new and innovative work. She creates work that challenges and intersects the vocabularies of both musical theatre and concert dance. Megan is committed to radically shifting the gender norms, stereotypes and possibilities for women in dance, especially within the context of Musical Theatre, a place where the definition of “woman” can often be limiting and go unchallenged. Megan created the Musical Theatre Development Lab at 92nd Street Y as a response to the lack of support available for emerging female artists in the musical theatre genre. The Lab brings together artists in a safe space to explore new techniques in both generating performance, and collaborative processes.

The Collective supports up to 10 emerging hybrid artists for a one-year residency of educational and creative events. The Resident Artist series provides up to 2 years of both financial and production support towards their Lab Production, an original evening-length Musical Theatre work presented by the 92nd St Y.

Upcoming Opportunities

MTDL at 92nd St Y is pleased to announce its application process for artists to take part in The Collective, a group of ten artists working on their own projects within a supportive and challenging environment of feedback and group attention. The forum provides resources, mentorship, performance opportunities, and community support to the artistic process. Geared towards makers who cross genres between dance, theatre, musical theatre and music, the lab is a year-long structure comprised of monthly showings and discussions, lectures and master classes, and informal performances. We are looking for directors, choreographers, playwrights, composers, and artists who highly hyphenate any of these, or more, titles!