Megan teaches to create good humans. She strives to create a learning environment in which the artistic pursuit and the act of being human are integrated through the act of moving. Students are met with a determination that they become more empathic, generous, driven, and aware. Class is meant to empower students to not only receive, but to give, and the art of pedagogy is transparently divulged. Part of the hope for students is that they gain sensitivity and virtuosity in communicating not only as a mover, but also as a guide for others.


Megan teaches a variety of workshops in topics including Musical Theatre, Hybrid art-making, Composition, Dance technique, and Pedagogical techniques for students from pre-K through advanced teachers. Workshops can be anywhere from a day to a week, and include creating a work on students, or facilitating their own artistic process.



Adult Classes

Contemporary Musical Theatre is a 90-minute movement class aimed at breaking through the conventional tropes of both Musical Theatre and Contemporary Modern Dance in order to arrive at an immediate, current approach to narrative movement. Megan commits to creating a non-competitive, supportive environment, a place to learn and not audition. She offers students an opportunity to find both functionality and expressivity, working on developing virtuosic, dynamic, precise, and nuanced dancing. Her material is whimsical, quick, sharp, explosive, and specific and she focuses on performances that are layered and textured with an eye towards storytelling.

Please email Mdoyledance@mac.com for class schedules